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Whether or not we be in a time of political or economic upheaval, your family’s wealth must be protected. You need White Knight Consulting.

White Knight Consulting is led by Mr. Samy Dwek, a renowned international finance leader. Samy has advised ultra-wealthy clients on four continents.

Born in England, Samy completed his studies between the UK, Italy and France. Over the past twenty five years, he has managed the assets of the elite international private and corporate clientele.

A long sought out financial mentor, Samy has managed a Next Generation program for almost a decade. He specialises in helping families deal with the complicated situation of passing their business from one generation to another.

Additionally, he has built platforms to serve single family offices across the globe and he also contracts for FINRA as an arbitrator and mediator.

Samy moved his family to Palm Beach County in 2013 to bring this international knowledge to the sunny shores of Florida, where he continued to cover institutional-like clients and assist them with their portfolios in operating businesses and marketable securities.

On June 2nd 2019, Samy created White Knight Consulting to preserve the multi generational wealth of elite clientele. To learn more, visit our services, meet our team and our quotes pages.

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