Should you put business first or family first?

If you own or operate a family business, you understand the importance of having a strong leadership team in place. After all, making the right strategic decisions and running things smoothly on a day-to-day basis are essential for maintaining profitability and increasing the family’s financial resources. In an ideal world, your siblings, children, or grandchildren […]

Are you prepared for the risk of a Grey Divorce?

When Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates divorced his wife Melinda French Gates in August after 27 years of marriage, she received an estimated $2.4 billion in shares as part of the settlement. Two years earlier, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie ended their 25-year marriage and divided one of the world’s largest fortunes. With […]

Is Global Custody the right strategy for your assets?

Wealthy individuals, family offices and multi-family office clients are always searching for a centralised resource to view all their assets and investments. After all, it is both beneficial and convenient to have a consolidated report showing all your assets and enable you to see their performance in one place. With the right software, they should […]

Be wary of hot investment trends

Bitcoin is one of the most talked about investment trends of the past year. Powered by blockchain, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer an alternative to making purchases through the traditional banking system. Another type of high-profile investment involves non-fungible tokens or NFTs, which use blockchain to create unique and presumably high-value digital assets, such as […]

The downsides of ‘Do-It-Yourself’ wealth management

Many wealthy individuals take a “do it yourself” approach to managing their investments, regardless of their personal experience or expertise. They make decisions around portfolio construction based on the recent headlines, a tip from a friend or a suggestion from their accountant or attorney – “coffee table investing”. This sometimes-haphazard approach to wealth management carries […]

Choose the right strategy for your philanthropy

If you plan to leave a legacy to your university, charity, or community organisation, it is important to choose a philanthropic strategy that reflects your values and goals. The alternative is that your generosity might not be recognised appropriately or worse, you may end up giving to an organisation that has changed its focus, become […]

Maintaining business continuity in the family office

Succession planning is one of the biggest issues facing the owner of a family-owned business. Who will take over after you step down? What happens if you are seriously injured or die? Is there a younger family member or an executive who can pick up the ball to keep the business moving forward? For wealthy […]

Consider an ‘Out Clause’ to avoid a family feud

Sibling rivalry is normal in virtually every family across the globe. One child might feel neglected by their parents, another may need recognition from their parents or siblings as they are less academic, whilst another may feel they are more entitled to more of an inheritance. This kind of rivalry can be exacerbated in blended […]

Art as an asset class: a roadmap

Many families enjoy collecting art, amassing valuable collections through the years. Other than the intangible value of personal enjoyment, art can be an important asset to incorporate into your investment portfolio. As a relatively illiquid asset, art can provide a cushion against the volatility of the stock market. In fact, art values have more than held their […]

Security strategies to reduce fraud

Every day, wealthy families across the globe are the targets of cyber criminals, whose sole focus is to hack their email and bank accounts to steal their money. A recent analysis by Atlas VPN projects that Americans are estimated to lose more than $5 billion to Internet crime by the end of 2021 – up […]